Our secret to achieving the desired quality:

  • Knowledge of the business

    Only the right people work on your projects. Whether for creation, layout or translation, we only work with professionals. Our technical authors have a technical education and often many years’ experience as a technical writer. So they know the requirements your documentation must meet. Our DTP specialists have graphic arts training; they are not just amateurs who have turned their hobby into a day job. They know what is important when it comes to documentation and what needs to be done to achieve the greatest possible efficiency through reuse.

  • Layout

    After translation, we make sure each language version has the same look and feel as the original documentation. And when you send us structured files, in XML or HTML for example, you can be confident that the translations will be returned in the same format. There will be no need for you to ‘fix’ the files; you can use the translated files for the intended purpose straight away.

  • Continuity

    To maintain a consistent standard of quality we assign every customer ‘their own’ primary and back-up translator for each language combination. In principle, then, the same translator works on all your projects, ensuring you continuous quality. We are also open to your specific terminology preferences.

  • Native speakers

    All your translations are carried out exclusively by native speakers. We only work with translators who translate into their native language. Beyond the fact that our translators are native speakers, they are also chosen for their knowledge of the specific subject matter. Our project managers examine your profile and the content and nature of the text, and then select the translator that best fits your project. With this approach we can ensure that the translation is not only grammatically and syntactically correct, but also that the right terminology is used.

  • Efficient reuse

    Because we have extensive experience with all the standard DTP packages and word processors, we are able to manage the translation process to keep your costs to a minimum. Have special layout needs? Our specialists will find a solution that works for you. In addition to efficient layout techniques, we use a translation memory system. A translation memory, individually created for each customer, makes it possible to leverage previous translations. This reuse results in shorter lead times, consistent use of terminology and lower costs.

  • Lower costs

    When it comes to price, it goes without saying that we cannot compete with Google Translate, but we believe that, thanks to our efficient approach, we offer very competitive rates for the quality you get.


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